Kubeh is a dish with widespread tradition across the Middle East and It comes in many forms.  Sometimes there’s an outer dough-like shell and an inner filling, sometimes the ingredients are ground together into a ball; and sometimes it’s prepared in layers like a pie. It can be fried, boiled, baked or served raw.

In any shape, Kubeh is comfort bundled in freshness and is a labor of love.  We specialize in the boiled version served in a broth, its origins in Kurdish, Iraqi and Syrian cuisine.  In the 1940s and 50s Kurdish, Iraqi and Syrian Jews migrated to Israel and brought Kubeh with them, a few opened up Kubeh restaurants and today, Kubeh is a staple of Israeli cuisine.

In developing the recipes for our restaurant, I spent time in homes and restaurants in Israel cooking with women originally from those those countries.  There I learned the tips, tricks, and nuances in each of the traditions that have been passed generation to generation of women.  We are also proud to serve the fried croquette type, often found in Syrian, Lebanese, Israeli & Palestinian homes. 

At Kubeh, we hand roll each kubeh with great care and with only the finest and freshest ingredients.  Our meats come from small family farms in the US that practice humane treatment of their animals and are 100% antibiotic and hormone free. 

In addition, we have prepared for you a wide variety of delectable middle eastern mezes, spreads, and main dishes.  Enjoy!

-   Melanie Shurka, Chef & Owner

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We are happy to announce that we are now taking reservations for dinner only! Please call ahead as we will only take resrvations by phone.  Please note that while are taking reservations, we will only be booking half of our dining room each evening to ensure that our neighborhood regulars, out-of-towners, or anyone that just wants to drop by will be able to grab a seat and enjoy some kubeh. So if you call ahead and hear we are booked for the evening, drop by anyway and we'll be happy to seat you as soon as we can.  For large parties of 10 or more you can still reserve our long dining table.  Give us a call for more information.

We can wait to serve you!

Melanie, David & the whole Kubeh Team

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Interested in joining the Kubeh team? Interested in joining the Kubeh team? We are hiring Bartenders, Servers, Counter-persons and Line Cooks. Please come by the restaurant any weekday with your resume.